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Association “Kontempora” was created to serve the purpose of providing spaces and events for both young and established, local and international artists, where they can experiment, create and learn in the fields of contemporary arts.

Association ‘’Kontempora’’ focuses mainly on organizing educational projects and residencies in the fields of visual arts, theatre, dance, cinema, music, literature and theory of art.

The association works to actively help young artists in their development through an enriching exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture during the residencies, as well as fully or partially covering material and/or transport costs.

The association’s goal is building a large artistic network of professional and young artists, nongovernmental organizations, educational and cultural institutions.

The members of association ‘’Kontempora’’ are creative people with common interests in the sphere of visual arts, who are actively participating in the cultural scene. Their mission is to create a platform for research and experiments for international and Bulgarian artists, thus developing both the local and international artistic scenes.